Lip grips - Salt series

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For a firm hold to get that big one on deck, we got you!

Our lip grips are diverse and cater to your all your fishing needs with added functionality.

We offer you 4 unique style lip grips, all with salt resistant anodized aluminium construction.

Our lip grips are rugged and constructed with saltwater fishing in mind.

Our lip grips all have unique properties for whatever you may require ranging from it being folded for compact use, built in weigh scale, oversized grab hooks and many more.



Sizing & specs

Salt dual trigger

  • Total length 280mm
  • Folded length 190mm
  • Weight 189g.


Salt Hook bite

  • Total length 245mm
  • Weight 159g.


Salt slinger

  • Total length 285mm
  • Weight 185g.


Salt lip scale

  • Total length 275mm
  • Weight 243g.