LED - Underwater lights

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For the coolest nighttime effect, don't miss out on our underwater LED lights.

Give yourself that spectacular effect at night while attracting the bait fish with our glowing underwater LED lights.

Our underwater LED lights are IP68 rated for all saltwater applications. If you want a light spread or that direct beam, we got what you need.

Our underwater lights are surface mount and include all the instructional guidelines as well as the light specifications.

Available in multiple colors and options.

Sizing & specs

Stainless beam

  • IP68 rated
  • Total diameter 92.8mm
  • Total height 18.3mm
  • 600 Lumens 
  • Available in blue or white.


Underwater strip

  • IP 68 rated
  • Total length 250mm
  • Total height 12mm
  • Total width 22mm
  • 314 Lumens 
  • Available in blue or white.


Stainless spreader

  • IP 68 rated
  • Total length 120mm
  • Total height 23.5mm
  • Total width 41.5mm
  • 700 Lumens 
  • Available in blue, white or green.